FangZhou Qin

FangZhou Qin

LaSalle College | Montréal

About Me

My name is FangZhou Qin, i am an international student in Business Management Program in College LaSalle. Here is my portfolio, i really hope you like it!

This is my biggest h

My Hobbies--Playing Basketball

This is my biggest hobby, basketball! I started playing it since i was in middle school. Although at that time i was very thin, i did not give it up. As time goes by, i became taller and stronger; i think all these accomplishments were attributable to basketball. And of course, basketball is a team sports, so it also taught me how to get along and make friends with others.

Reading is always my

My Hobbies--Reading Books

Reading is always my no.2 favourite choice of hobbies. I still remember it was "Harry Potter" that made me fall in love with reading. I had read them many times in my childhood. And now, i read not only novels but also books on philosophy and poetry. By reading those books, i can enrich my spiritual world; and have access to the great minds of great people.

His name is ChouChou

My Pet

His name is ChouChou, he is a fat boy, and as you can see, he is very naughty, he likes to destroy things like bed sheets and sofas; however, his biggest hobby is sleeping, he can easily fell asleep, at any time and any place. Sometimes, he just sleeps right in front of doors, so everyone in my family needs to careful not to step on him. Although he is a naughty fat boy, but everyone in my family loves him, and he is like a little brother to me.

This is the first se

A Brief Summary Of My Winter Semester In College LaSalle

This is the first semester for me in college. To be honest, i was shocked when i saw i have 8 courses for this semester, i never had so much courses in a single semester before, so i was kind of nervous at the beginning of this semester. However, soon i realized that 8 courses are not such a big issue for me; all of my classmates have the similar number of courses as me, so i began to say this to myself," Yes, of course you can success." And facts show that hard work pays off, i studied hard throughout this semester, and i achieved good marks in all of my courses. For instance, French is a whole new subject for me that i have not learned it before, which means i have zero basis. Therefore, i worked very hard on French by using my free time, and i achieved 96/100 of the final grade. And one thing makes me really proud of myself is my French oral presentation, my professor left this comment: "Votre présentation orale était fantastique!! I was blown away. By far the best presentation i have ever seen for this course." For me, this is an affirmation that i could be successful if i put in enough effort, and this will also be my future motivation of study. Beyond that, i also have a lot of group projects throughout the semester, which allowed me to work with classmates from all over the world, we shared ideas, and we worked hard on tasks together, and we have already achieved some high performance projects and presentations. To sum up my feelings of this semester, it could be said in one sentence: Once you tasted the sweetness of success, you will enjoy this feeling and continue with your efforts.

I have divided my fu

My Career Plan

I have divided my future career plan into 2 parts. Short-term goal: I want to apply for the Human Resource Management Program in JMSB, Concordia; which means i need to cultivate a very strong R Score and academic performance. Long-term goal: I will go back to China and apply for a job, i can start from entry-level jobs to gain experience. Or, i could apply for a job in a globalized company in Canada, and they may have departments in China, so i could work in China. In this case, i will bring benefits to the company due to the fact that i can speak Chinese, so i can get along well with Chinese clients and i also can speak English and French, so i could maintain competitive advantage in communication.