visual presentation

In my second semester of fashion marketing course I had this opportunity to take the visual presentation course which was so interesting for me . This photo presents the final fashion product that we designed ,which is a phone case .we in a group of 4 persons chose a theme and tried to translate the theme into a visual fashion concept and design.we chose the theme of nature in combination of 1980 fashion features like neon lights. The final design was uploaded in the artofwhere website and ordered there. A special thanks to our wonderful teacher Milan Tanedjikov for teaching us this course and his supports and helps through the semester in order to provide a final professional visual fashion product. These great pictures of the model with the phone case are taken by Kaven Tremblay.

Being creative and u

Being creative and using online research in combination with using software like Indesign and photoshop, helped us to get the final design of the product which is a phone case with white flowers with the happy orange background .we also did the styling of the model before the photoshoot.

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