XIAN Catalogue

The GO WITH THE X targets a fearless, free, artesian, hard rock and fashionista subculture, a culture that has endured from decades and today it has reached a chic look a look that fashionistas admire. XIAN hcreated it for us to wear and embrace it. The theme that we are bringing to the GO WITH THE X catalogue is a hard rock concert scene, with gothic accents incorporating the X and high-quality colors to high light the garments in our presentation, since all our collection is black and white we will incorporate seductive as well as interesting images to captivate the attention of our customers in to our collection. For the collection we took in consideration there are no SKU`s, the garments are tagged by their names. Moreover Xian`s collection offers an extensive portfolio for the different targeted markets and we divided the catalog in to this segment as well. When we discover Xian`s collection, we knew it right away it was going to be fun to work with. we could feel, it was special and out of the ordinary. Ms. Hellen contribute to our excitement and the when we contact Xian Zone Customer Area and we received a great surprise, we got answered directly from Alexander the owner and designer.

Xian Catalogue

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Other Credits

We would like to credit the brand since Alexander let us worked with Xian as well as GO WITH THE X and for that we are really thankful.

Thank you by hart Xian.