Jewellery Illustration (Microscopy)

The SS2019 collection takes inspiration from the unseen world of cellular microscopy. Spring symbolizes new life and all life begins at the cellular level. The designer hopes to reveals nature’s best kept secret, the amazing beauty and complexity of the microscopic world. Mesmerizing weave details in silver and a mix of vibrant rich coloured agate gemstones in wine red, plum purple and light orange captures the imagination and explores new path of expression. Balancing bold forms with soft weave details, these pieces are designed for powerful and self-determine woman with a creative and artistic soul.

Jewellery Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/Moodboard


Jewellery Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/Material Moodboard

Material Moodboard

Jewellery Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/Runway Illustration

Runway Illustration

Jewellery Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/Bust Illustration

Bust Illustration

Jewellery Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/Orthographic