Dystopian Luxury

Where cyber meets authority - A capsule collection inspired by the 1982 film “Blade Runner”. A futuristic take on empowering the feminine silhouette. The notion of the hourglass figure was explored in a style which draws influence from commonalities in underground fetish scenes, connecting with a wearers desire to feel power through embracing the feminine aspects of their body.

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/tpfua9zp5xnip3dtcojicre1koflbuaf
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/9xootqxiqzg7qh928f1y6dehv15czayv
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/7bm53b0fzqy35xppnjym6a3d4cq6t10s
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/eoix9h5clg4cbos62bn0aqvog73pzfd3

Other Credits

Photographer: Neil Creek
Model: Elain May
HMU/Styling: Louse Kenton