Silent Mountain - Volume 1 Preview

Our world is old and has seen many wonders over millions of years, but Nicholas Brunker believes that the least acknowledged, impactful and most beautiful of all, is the existence of a connection to flora and fauna. These natural beauties do not get the appreciation they deserve. Humanity takes the wonders of Mother Nature for granted and neglects to realise that there is nothing more pure on this Earth. Excluding humanity and urbanisation, Nicholas’ work focuses on how flora and fauna connect so seamlessly, as one cannot survive without the other. Through a series of mark making designs Nicholas represents different animals in their unique environments, and in doing so, reveals their connection with the earth. By displaying them on skateboard decks, Nicholas’ intention was to produce something beautiful through the representation of one aspect of the natural world, reproduced on another fundamental element of the natural world. In doing so, he aims to create a link between those two, both of which have been neglected by the art world and humanity as a whole, that the world has provided on a unique piece of wood - which also gets neglected in the art world, despite it possessing its own unique, particular shape through its curves and beautiful structure - similar to the neglect humanity expresses to nature. Nicholas feels that they compliment each other through their diversities, and create a deep and diverse piece, contrasting the natural elements he instinctively connects to through the love of flora and fauna, consistent in his practice.

Material: Fine liner

Jumping Fox

Material: Fine liner & Ink on paper