Gabriella Sarlija

Gabriella Sarlija

Design Arts
LCI Melbourne


Gabrijela Šarlija’s illustrations and animations are a collection of works that aim to portray the arbitrary and mundane events of existence in a comical and sarcastic way. She presents both a connection to the viewer and an escape from the harsh criticisms of reality through the use of her language and comedy, in which she creates a sense of relatability and understanding. Though her use of colour is limited and execution simple, she focuses primarily on the use of colloquialisms and slang, as well as common experience to provide a light-hearted approach to sensitive and personal topics, with a focus on mental health, relationships, body positivity, and ethnic identity. Inspired by her interest in internet comics and sociolinguistics, Gabrijela presents her collection in an inconsistent, social media- based, diary-like format, to both further enhance the linguistic elements of her words relating to her ethnic identity, class, and bilingualism, as well as present her illustrations in a way that makes the action of viewing her works more personal and intimate. By doing so, Gabrijela’s pieces work as an outlet for the frustrations of everyday life, and the effect it has on a person and their well-being.

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/dreamer for all eternity

dreamer for all eternity

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/prancing through the cemetery

prancing through the cemetery

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/breathing the airs of reality

breathing the airs of reality

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/self-deprecating joke

self-deprecating joke

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/i think you own too many hoodies

i think you own too many hoodies

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/sometimes i don't feel x enough

sometimes i don't feel x enough

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/i'm bloody sick of it

i'm bloody sick of it

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/you are what you eat

you are what you eat

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/they shit in a bag

they shit in a bag

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/husband shopping

husband shopping