Eco cups

Eco cups is an reusable steel cups for your takeaway beverages. Our mission is that we want people to be more conscious of the environment and change their behaviour to bring this cup with them when purchasing a beverage at participating cafes.

This Eco cups design

Packaging design 2

This Eco cups design for a brighter tone colours.

This Eco cups design

Packaging design 1

This Eco cups design for a darker tone colours.

We want purchasing t

Eco cups Website

We want purchasing to be convenient and easily available. We will make a website to allow for online purchases for the Eco Cup also.

Also to make our pro

Eco cups Instagram

Also to make our project more known to the public we also want to create an instagram page for it to share with participating cafes. We want to promote it through this channel as we feel as though a lot of our custom- ers could be on this platform already.

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/Eco cups vision and mission

Eco cups vision and mission