Shih Yu Lai

Shih Yu Lai

Interior Design & Architecture
LaSalle College Vancouver

6098 Residential Project

Residential design is the lives in the home to be gutty happiness, with use wood serves as main building materials to create the feeling- “HOME”

1. Entrance
2. Livi


1. Entrance 2. Living Area 3. Kitchen 4. Dining Area 5. Second Bedroom 6. Master Bedroom 7. Laundry & Storage 8. Second Bathroom 9. Master Bathroom 10. Walkin- Closet

Light wood tone colo


Light wood tone color, it proved a relaxed, bright and clean feeling to warm-up space, even fill up whole space, it won’t give people oppressive feeling.

Lumber is the log th


Lumber is the log that does not have the course fine processing retained the dull color of lumber primitive and moist simple sense, build a natural breath to take a few means restoring ancient ways slightly again.

Pink is paired with

Transit Area

Pink is paired with grey and wood. Use these colors in shades that are similar to each other, so that the contrast between the two is small and space looks like a whole.

Use a lot of white t


Use a lot of white through the whole space, all concise wall echo without excessive packaging of heavy and complicated space, leads the natural light streamed to every corner, create the interior space capaciously with clear feeling and popup the texture.

Pure gray and white


Pure gray and white tones, adding regular geometry to create a streamlined aesthetic. Planning is also placed in the bathroom to create a simple aesthetic. Sophisticated geometric version, complemented by white brick walls, with minimalist tones and a touch of luxury detail.