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Evan Winters Demo Reel

I recently graduated from LaSalle College - Vancouver for 3D Modelling and Animation. For my final project I wanted to showcase what I learned. My scene focuses around a firefighter I modeled based off of my Uncle who is a Fire Captain in Abbotsford BC. Through out the process he was able to supply me with photos of both himself, his uniform, and tools he uses on the job for both modelling and texturing reference. Some character modelling, fire simulation, and level of detail in the textures were all new to me so those are the focus of this project. There are some things I would change/improve but will take this project as a learning lesson for future projects. I do intend to do more personal projects to continue to build the range of my portfolio.

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Demo Reel

RESCUE | Final Videos and Breakdowns

Animation & VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/Face Sculpt

Face Sculpt

Reference photo of m

Face Sculpt

Reference photo of my uncle working out, which is who I based my model off of as he is a real life fire captain. I took some creative liberty and made his mouth not curl up as much to make it not appear that he was smiling

The walls in my scen

Pealing Wallpaper Simulation

The walls in my scene were looking too pristine when trying to rough them up on textures alone so using maya ncloth and constraints I was able to recreate wallpaper as if it was pealing, bubbling and falling because of the heat. I then placed them throughout my scene and lined up their UVs with where they were placed on my Wall's UVs to allow me to just use the same udims used for my walls on them to create a seamless look.