In the spring of 2019, I began a project named Coded. The name reflects the idea of a particular mindset that is held in today's society about issues. My idea for this project was to bring awareness of the LGBTQ community in Japanese culture. I first learned taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator and then had a friend help me to silkscreen t-shirts. This had been a project in my mind for a long time and it made me extremely happy to finally see it come into motion. In the future, I wish to move forward with a similar project after reevaluating my strengths and motives.

My personal choice o

Me wearing a printed shirt

My personal choice of t-shirt, very comfortable

Held a light to the

Burning print into screen

Held a light to the screen with the design on it for around 20 minutes. After the paint is exposed to the light, we peeled it off and rinsed excess paint that was left behind.

Photos taken by Jun

Dreony for Coded

Photos taken by Jun Tan, Modeled by Dreony Cuvilje