Demo Reel 2019 - Kenzio Rafael

Hi, I recently graduated from LaSalle College Vancouver for 3D Modelling and Animation program. I want to showcase all the valuable skills and experience that I got from my teachers and friends during my study here. For my demo reel, I created a pirate creature with an octopus on top of him and a treasure chest. It went through a lot of changes during the process and I'm feeling grateful for every feedback and suggestion that I got for this past 9 months. I am responsible for modelling, sculpting, UV, texturing, lighting, shading and rendering. I learned a lot from this project and will continue to learn more skills to be a better artist.

Demo Reel Kenzio Rafael

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Animation & VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/6jzjsvk5v00t938e11q9q3bfwty5kbr4
Animation & VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/f2e5st48mir638mxhbo30d6q6a457h0q
Animation & VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/odvm6d86a06qjoz1z83n4yhebq7sriip
Animation & VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/xibp6k8m64hf0xn2qdopcfne0y7dks79