LCI Education selection

Criatório D'arte

My work in digital illustration focuses on human anatomy, portraiture, and elements from nature. I am inspired by natural beauty and sensual shapes. It expresses my need to connect to nature and my inner worlds. Some of it develops later on into inspiration for my work as a tattoo artist and others for other design projects.

Digital painting wit

A Dor da Saudades ("The Pain of Longing")

Digital painting with digital collage. 2020. It represents my feelings in the most challenging moment of social isolation in 2020. Observing a different world through the window, the homesickness, and the feeling of not belonging for being far and away from my nest.

The name Íris

Amanhecer da Iris ("Iris' Dawn")

2019. The name Íris comes from "arco-íris", that meaning rainbow in my native language. The best-known symbol of sexual diversity inspired me in the composition and also in the title. Iris was created to be an androgen being that represents all the world's diversity.

An experiment

No title

2020. An experiment that shown my tendency to mix sketch in the lines and hatches with the realism, usually represented in the striking eyes of my women. Also, nature is part of the composition through the foliage and flowers.

Project for the 20th

No title

Project for the 20th-century class. A reinterpretation of the technique used by the Post-impressionist artist Van Gogh. 2020

Since I redi


2020. Since I rediscovered myself as an artist, women have been my primary source of inspiration. Women in all diversity: black, lesbians, indigenous, transgender, women with special needs, and all those that represent the daily struggle for liberation from traditional gender-imprisoned patterns. Dive in my internal struggle of a sorority of love, for our bodies' autonomy, and our space in society.