Curating an Art Exhibit - Gender Benders: The Study of a Continuum.

For this project, we were given the task of researching and planning our own art exhibition. After dozens of books and countless ideas re-purposed, "Gender Benders: The Study of a Continuum" came to fruition. An exhibition that explores the word "gender" in all its blossoms, attempts to dissect artworks by individuals who believed the human identity is as elastic as time itself.

It’s undeniable art’

It’s undeniable art’s a man’s world—even more, heterosexual, cisgender, and white. "Gender Benders: The Study of a Continuum" is an exhibition that aims to recount art history from the perspective of the marginalized queer individuals who created from a place of rejection, intolerance, self-questioning, and defiance. The concept is gender, and same as art, it evolves—art is gender and gender is art. From the ancient caves of Bethlehem to New York’s Guggenheim, the exhibition raises questions, suggests notions, and considers paradigms only to suggest new standards. Most importantly, "Gender Benders: The Study of a Continuum" allows us to realize that far from preconceived assumptions, the human experience is infinite.

The exhibition’s loo

The Room

The exhibition’s look and feel is minimalist. Working around the idea of a Cabinet of Curiosities, the exhibition is a one-single room lit by an infinite highway, a progressive effect enhanced by elongated LED strips to create a futuristic vision. Every artwork in the exhibition is placed one after the other—or sideways if seen from a different perspective—to appear as ONE when seen from the entrance of the exhibition. White floors, ceiling, and walls. The room should be kept hospital-cold; this is a gender laboratory, come for experimentation. Sculptures and more corporal pieces will be inside clear-PVC boxes. Photographs, paintings, and audiovisuals will hang from the ceiling with crystal-clear wiring. Supported and preserved in clear-plastic cases. Show notes: For audio tours, wireless white earphones will be available. If you're differently-abled, make sure to let anyone from our staff if you need anything and we'll make sure you have the best experience.

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