2D RPG Turn Based Combat Strategy Game - Monogame - GadorX

This project was developed using the framework MonoGame. MonoGame is a c# framework. It is a 2D game where you have to battle monsters turn by turn using strategy. This game was a project for one of our class at College LaSalle in first year. / \ The game has: -Enemy artificial intelligence (to fight the player) -Combat mechanics for the player (move, attack) -Full initiative system (the higher level plays first) -Full login system with the Newton JSON framework (register your account, save your account, login to your account, save your progress) -Full 2D tile system for player and monsters movement -Chat box to talk with other players also as combat logs (logs your attacks, movements, etc.) -Implementations of shortcuts (ctrl+e to end your turn, etc.) -Game has been coded with proper OOP development / \ Pictures and gameplay video: / https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14abgHYAv4vopU6jXTk7Yc-w3MnJF6r09?usp=sharing

The main combat inte

Combat screen

The main combat interface where you can play and fight again monsters

Information Technology/LaSalle College | Montréal/Login screen

Login screen

Information Technology/LaSalle College | Montréal/Register screen

Register screen

FR - Document

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Other Credits

Christel Paquette (for the sprites)
Samuel Paquette (me)
Adrien Jeanson (my project teammate)