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Gelato Pastels

This project was created using Photoshop as well as Adobe InDesign. We were to base the project off of a trend report we chose from WGSN. In the article it talked about pastels. I found this image of a green dress by one of my favourite designers Jacquemeus which i thought would be a great base to start with this project. I wanted to make it more exciting so i decided to play with the term "Gelato Pastels" that was used in the longer version of the article. I added the ice cream heads, gelato coloured brush strokes and background to create the whole theme.

Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Montréal/Handsome Girl

Handsome Girl

This project was mad


This project was made using photoshop. I was able to play around with the different tools to create a collage type image. Beaufille is a Canadian brand and i chose this one mostly for their amazing campaign photos, i thought they would be really fun to get creative with.