Branding Project: Spacelab

A brand new arts and crafts department store needed to create a unique identity in order to stand out from its competitors. The branding required a theme that would attract their target market: children. The goal was to ensure the store encourages interactive learning while also maintaining a playful, fun look. Art is about exploring our creative selves; similarly, this store’s theme of space exploration celebrates curiosity of the unknown. ‘SpaceLab’ incorporates elements that help the children visualize themselves like they are in a spaceship, ready to explore the galaxies. By combining gradients with jelly-like shapes, lively colors and surreal typefaces on our brand artwork, in-store signs and advertisements, the overall look oozes a sense of science laboratory mixed with the outer space. The logo itself is a combination of elements, merging a stack of books with the silhouette of an alien-like creature, the portrayal of its hands invites the children to enter the alien’s laboratory, SpaceLab, where they are able to experience an otherworldly learning experience.

Icons developed for

Store Icons

Icons developed for each department sections

Design for In-store

In-Store Signs

Design for In-store signs of different sections in the department

Design for advertise

Ad Posters

Design for advertisement posters around the department store