All The Way To The End - Book Cover Design

This project includes hardcover jacket designs for three books which covers the topic of imminent disaster phenomenons. These theoretical natural occurrences are destructive meteor showers, volcano eruptions and explosive gamma rays. This series is packaged in a collectible to display the book set. How do we beautifully illustrate the end of the world? Through brainstorming and research, the design concept was based on the theme ‘calculations’. Even though humans have come up with great technology, nature still overpowers. There are so many calculative predictions; however, there still lies a major chance of a sudden ending. The design solution consists of using mathematical drawings for the covers and a satellite-like look to the container. Fluorescent colours on a black background along with the use of gradient textures have been used to show the exaggeration of the explosion.

Graphic Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/pulprcpmx5e4r00qnz62orikweo8jnzo
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