A Neurotic Compendium - An illustrated pop-up book

A Neurotic Compendium is an ABC pop-up book about uncommon phobias. Its illustration based to communicate the essence of the different fears. The core of the book is in attempting to understand the various phobias and to experience a similar feeling than those with each fear to endure. For this reason, each terror was truly realized so that the representation was as accurate as possible. The style of illustration is very detailed and realistic. It tries to invite the reader to submerge themselves into the different phobias to truly perceive them. The pop-up element ties together as it creates a personal connection with the viewer in the same dimension. The typography and layout design is minimalist as the focal point is the illustration itself. Altogether, the composition provides space to explore the fascinating parts of the human mind with the respect it deserves.

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Read the full issue at https://indd.adobe.com/view/c06b07eb-6659-417d-bf0b-fbd722fa4bf8 Watch how the pop-ups work in https://www.behance.net/gallery/95104223/A-Neurotic-Compendium-Pop-up-book-about-phobias