The Food Waste App

The Food Waste App is an interface that allows people to find food that doesn’t meet the standards to be sold at stores, in order to help with food waste and support dumpster divers. The development of the app had to be easy for the user to find products, locate them, comment, rate and even share them with the rest of the community. The main focus was to put sustainability as a priority. The design tries to incorporate bright and fresh colours to be inviting for the user to explore the app. It also uses rounded shapes to be friendlier while being modern and slick. Modals and overlays allow the app to be multidimensional and interactive while creating an organized flow to the various options the user can encounter while using The Food Waste App.

Graphic Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/ervxgfl8yumrmrewbrgqsvgzmdee4gwr
Graphic Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/6fqtp8d10xrgmfpvsup2lwxshua34pso
Graphic Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/rpti7i5vist7uhsdl5bwrpfnj6c170oy
Graphic Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/fjaystsc4ig2dwwwvqlf1dgztix206k1
Try the prototype he

Try the prototype here: