City Postcard

Matera is one of the most interesting, unusual and memorable tourist destinations in Italy. It is a town famous for its extensive cave-dwelling district, the Sassi. The design of these postcards use geometric shapes and outlines to build up the cities landscape highlighting the unique features of Matera. The cities stand out features include tightly packed white houses, and classic winding ally ways that cover a gently sloping hill. Each of the three postcard designs will feature the same general outline but differ in the colour pallet. The aim of this project will be contrasting the photo style postcards with an illustration style similar to the classic landscape painters of Europe.

Graphic Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/bkmusj8yxfi6mvq2smraopkj273x9s09
Graphic Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/7igccc05ghevsmhz5meehrre21o29rrz