LCV DJ’s “Kiss the Summer Goodbye” Livestream Party

An event with a whole new experience for LCV! Graduates of the school had put this together for everybody to enjoy online. From the rooftop of the campus itself, DJ preformed live while the rest of the team showcased work from the graduates of 2020. With these lights and loud music, this party could be noticed from across nearly all of East Vancouver. Haley shot behind the scenes for the rest of the crew to showcase their great friendship and teamwork.

Photography graduate

DJ’s Livestream Party #1

Photography graduate, Corban shooting DJ while he preforms.

The whole graduate c

DJ’s Livestream Party #2

The whole graduate crew working and making sure the livestream goes smoothly.

Graduate, DJ preform

DJ’s Livestream Party #3

Graduate, DJ preforming live.

Graduates, Wallace e

DJ’s Livestream Party #4

Graduates, Wallace ensuring the video is okay and DJ preforming/dancing.

Some of the graduate

DJ’s Livestream Party #5

Some of the graduate crew adjusting cameras and working to make sure the livestream is okay.

Portrait of DJ. 

DJ’s Livestream Party #6

Portrait of DJ. I was just able to sneak through the lights without being on the live stream and snap this photo.

Wallace cueing DJ an

DJ’s Livestream Party #7

Wallace cueing DJ and the rest of the crew for timing the video with the music.

Whole rooftop set up

DJ’s Livestream Party #8

Whole rooftop set up and graduate crew working.

DJ preforming his sk

DJ’s Livestream Party #9

DJ preforming his skills live.