Cloud Nine? (Fine Art Photography)

A photographic series to remind viewers of safe drug use, and to remind our consciousness of the consequences brought to light by irresponsibly toying with drugs and substances. This series stands neutral in the face of narcotics and substances and is merely a spark for internal conversation with our own individual relationship with ourselves and drugs. Most importantly the opioid crisis affecting thousands of at risk populous in Vancouver due to the lack of public health and community resources prior and during these dire times. Photography/art direction: @tylerjbolivar Model: @terrellpaiva Assistants: @roberto.chio, @obustosphotography

Photography/LaSalle College Vancouver/kaxben9rxk6rvcozlxqv1nudqovw2vyb
Photography/LaSalle College Vancouver/zse05p057lndq0p5fll5gxam2yux6nss
Photography/LaSalle College Vancouver/f5vr7sre9w2mjhat2vncxnnnesx3r4zd
Photography/LaSalle College Vancouver/y4snl3tkhojrbwgid6vvlg6eng5z5cya

Other Credits

Oscar Bustos
Roberto Chio