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Game Design


My name is Neil, and I am from China. I really admire game developers who have made so many excellent video games. When I was playing video games, I always thought about how they do it. Therefore, I decided to be a game programmer. I moved to Canada in 2018 and began to learn Game Programming at LaSalle College. At LaSalle, my studies were focused on game development with C++, C# and Unity. I also have some experience with tool development using WPF. I have tried to make many games in Unity such as Tower Defence game and FPS game. I also studied to build AI library including pathfinding, state machine and behaviours in C++. However, I am most interested in gameplay. I have worked in a team with designers and other programmers to develop a RPG game with Unity. In that project, I am responsible for many gameplay features such as the loot system, quest system, buff/debuff system and so on. I really enjoy coding, even fixing bugs. Now I believe I have enough knowledge to be a programmer in the industry.

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Demo Reel 2021

by Neil Sun
Game Design
LaSalle College Vancouver
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Tileset Splitter

by Neil Sun
Game Design
LaSalle College Vancouver
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by Neil Sun
Game Design
LaSalle College Vancouver
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3D Graphics Engine

by Neil Sun
Game Design
LaSalle College Vancouver
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Dungeon Delvers

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C++/C, C#, Visual Studio, Unity, Gameplay Systems, Tools and Pipeline, AI Systems, 3D Graphics Programming, GitHub


Dungeon Delvers, 3D Turn-based RPG (Unity 3D, C#)
• Worked in a team with two designers, four programmers, and a 3D modeler to develop a RPG game.
• Implemented animation and pathfinding for players and enemies.
• Implemented various gameplay systems including save/load, loot, buff/debuff, quest and abilities.

Tile Set Splitter (WPF, C#)
• Developed a tool that can edit tile sets.
• Implemented the function that can crop an imported tile set into separated sprites by inpute size value.
• Implemented the function that can export selected sprites that were cropped from tile set.
• Implemented the function that can combine selected sprites into a new tile set.

SBEngine (C++, Direct3D11, Custom Engine)
• Implemented rendering system using Direct3D11 and HLSL.
• Added graphics support including texturing, lighting, shadow mapping, post processing.
• Implemented skinned mesh with skeletal animation playback.

2D AI Library (C++, Custom Engine)
• Explored artificial intelligence techniques and concepts including pathfinding, state machine,and steering behaviours.
• Implemented a pathfinding demo with different search mode including A*, Dijkstra, BFS, and DFS.

NBKnight, 2D Sidescrolling, Action Platformer (C++, Custom Engine)
• Developed a 2D game with basic enemy AI by using a custom engine in C++.
• Developed a tile map editing tool used to create the level for NBKnight.


Bachelor of Science in Game Programming, LaSalle College Vancouver
(2018 - 2021)