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Micah Meuleman

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LaSalle College Vancouver


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Film & Audio


Hi! My name is Micah Meuleman, and I recently graduated from the Professional Recording Arts program at LaSalle College Vancouver. My passions include composition, audio post-production, and sound design. Collaboration with fellow creatives always excites me - I'm always down to work with filmmakers, musicians, video game designers and the like. Please reach out if you have any questions

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Composition and Sound Design Reel

by Micah Meuleman
Film & Audio
LaSalle College Vancouver
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Sound Editing Reel

by Micah Meuleman
Film & Audio
LaSalle College Vancouver
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Dungeon Delvers



-Pro Tools
-NI Kontakt
-Logic Pro
-Ableton Live
-DaVinci Resolve

-SSL Duality, SSL AWS 924
-Avid C24
-Zoom LiveTrak L-12
-Field Recorders
-Comprehensive micing techniques

-Classically trained pianist
-Excellent time management


Scrumptious Sandwich Show – Andrew Brown August - December 2021
Sound Editor
• De-noised and mixed audio for an episodic YouTube cooking show

NoFiltr – Kamar Burke, Sam Park Kim May - December 2021
Sound Editor
• Mixed dialogue for an educational YouTube series

David’s World and the Cyclops Hour – Robert Oakes September - November 2021
Sound Editor, Composer
• Mixed audio, recorded ADR, and composed for a short film

LaSalle College Vancouver – Justine Higgs September 2021
Sound Editor
• Spotted and mixed a promotional online ad

Mama’s Song – Hannah Yang August 2021
Sound Editor
• Denoised and mixed audio for a short film premiering in the
Vancouver Asian Film Festival

100 Collective – Teon Gibbs June 2021
Sound Editor
• De-noised, and mixed dialogue for a TikTok channel

Ports of Entry – Janet Wang, Nastenka Alava, Yejin Kim March 2021
Composer, Sound Designer, Foley Artist
• Spotted and scored a biographical animation for an art gallery exhibition
Audio Post, Mixing, and Mastering for an independent TV show
-April 2021


Diploma, Professional Recording Arts (GPA 3.93)
LaSalle College Vancouver
March 2021

Grade 10 Certificate
First Class Honours
Royal Conservatory
April 2018

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Achievement Award
TALEP Certificate