Elizabeth-Anne Chow

Elizabeth-Anne Chow

Culinary & Food Service Management
LaSalle College Vancouver

CUL 121 - INTRO TO BAKING By Elizabeth-Anne Chow

This portfolio showcases what I have learned through basic fundamental concepts, skills and techniques of baking. Each product listed by their method and followed by a description.

My batter turned out

Fudge Brownie - Sheet Cookies

My batter turned out thicker as the butter and chocolate were left in the bain marie (water bath) for too long which had emulsified them and resulted in a thicker batter. They still turned out great and yummy.

Apple fruit filling

Apple Pie - Baked Fruit Filling

Apple fruit filling with a flaky dough for the pie crust. The thickening agent here is cornstarch which thickens the mixture while baking in the oven.

This bread required

Multigrain Sourdough Bread - Straight Dough

This bread required some fermented dough which would have been done in advance, the longer the fermentation the more flavour the dough has.

This recipe has it's

Raspberry Muffin - Muffin

This recipe has it's own special method, which is fairly simple. Dredge berries in with some flour, sift dry ingredients together, whisk wet ingredients together then fold in dry ingredients with the wet, ensuring not to overmix.

In order to make the

Chocolate Spritz Cookies - Piped Cookies

In order to make these cookies pipeable I added more egg whites to loosen the mixture a bit. Although they were still difficult to pipe they came out very nice with the raspberry jam filled in the center.

This recipe overall

Soft Yeast Rolls with Conchas Topping - Straight Dough and Creaming

This recipe overall was fun and time consuming when ensuring each roll is the same weight. I liked how the Conchas Topping gave the roll character and a hint of sweetness when eaten together.

This Roman Flatbread

Focaccia - Straight Dough

This Roman Flatbread can be proofed and degassed as many times, which adds to it's flavour. It is topped with Rosemary, Cherry Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Course Salt.

These cookies are mo

Shortbread Cookies - Icebox Cookies

These cookies are more complicated to make than I thought since the dough had to be rolled about and chilled. Then they had to be cut in uniform slices so they would have the same baking time and colour.

Making this pie requ

Chocolate Cream Pie - Cream Filling

Making this pie required multitasking as the pie crust needed to be fully cooled down before adding in the chocolate filling and the filling needs to be fully set and cooled before decorating it with Chantilly cream and chocolate shavings. The filling was surprisingly easy to make as it is similar to pastry cream.

This dough must achi

Brioche Braid Bread - Enriched Dough

This dough must achieve a gluten window before adding in butter so the dough can come together again. The braid is made by bringing the outside stand in and alternating on each side. before baking it is topped with coarse sugar.