Elizabeth-Anne Chow

Elizabeth-Anne Chow

Culinary & Food Service Management
LaSalle College Vancouver

CUL 264 - Classical French Cuisine By Elizabeth-Anne Chow

CUL 264, The Class that taught me how to make Classical French Dishes, and the ingredients that give the dish it's flavour.

Learning the Vegetab

Haricots Verts Au Beurre

Learning the Vegetable Cookery by Escoffier in this French style plating presentation with trimmed Haricot verts matched in length, wrapped with Prosciutto and tied the look together with chives. Before plating it is tossed in olive oil and seasonings.

Crème Anglaise, a li

Crème Anglaise with Strawberries

Crème Anglaise, a light pouring sugar and egg custard used as a dessert cream or sauce, made by practicing the Saucier station.

This flavourful sauc

Bacon Vinaigrette with Lettuce Hearts

This flavourful sauce is made from rendering the fat from bacon, sweating the onions then deglazed with Sherry, stock and some oil. The longer you let the oil infuse with the bacon the more flavourful it will be. Looks overwhelming with the amount of lettuce but the sauce makes it everything.

This Florentine (bed

Oeufs en Cocotte

This Florentine (bed of spinach), shirred egg dish is baked in a water bath till whites are cooked but the yolk remains runny. Eaten with a crouton for a nice crunch and is layered with spinach and mornay sauce.

Steak tartare, is fi

Tartare de Filet de Boeuf (Steak Tartare)

Steak tartare, is finely chopped rare beef with, capers, cornichons, onions, sherry vinegar, dijon mustard, occasionally Worcestershire sauce and topped with horseradish and a confit egg yolk. (Forgive my broken egg yolk)

This puree soup get

Bisque De Crevettes (Shrimp Bisque)

This puree soup get all its flavour through colour, temperature and time. It gets it's velvet smooth texture by blending all the ingredients together after the flavours have been developed together.

Practicing Rotisseur

Piece D’Agneau “Provencale” (Rack of Lamb)

Practicing Rotisseur on Kitchen Brigade with this seared, rendered, rack of lamb brushed with dijon mustard and coated with toasted garlic and herb bread crumbs. The flavours adapted in the pan are deglazed with red wine and monte beurre. This is a mix of French food traditions and Mediterranean style.

This is a sole paupi

Paupiettes De Sole A`La Mousse De Saumon

This is a sole paupiettes stuffed with salmon mousseline, tied together with chives, and poached in court bouillon. Served with Julienne De Légumes, vegetables cut in julienne.

A hearty dish made w

Coq au Vin (Chicken in Wine)

A hearty dish made with braised chicken with wine, lardons, mushrooms, carrot, garlic, shallots and pearl onions. served with garlic mash potatoes and maple glazed baby carrots.

This tatin tart is a

Tarte Des Demoiselles Tatin (Upside Down Apple Tart)

This tatin tart is an upside down apple tart and has a sweet buttery taste. Apples placed in caramelized sugar with whole butter and topped with puff pastry. Baked, flipped, garnished and plated.