MR. DJ Electronic Press Kit

On this project, we collaborated with the up-and-coming artist MR. DJ to create a professional electronic press kit. The goal was to showcase his many different skills including DJing, composing, sound design for video games, and lighting design. Our goal was to create something that not only appeared professional but something that could best represent who MR. DJ is and what he does. We wanted this to be something he could use to put his best foot forward when promoting himself in the near future. This project was completed by a crew of 4 (not including the artist). I acted as director/cinematographer, offline editor and set designer. Other on-set responsibilities were shared by all crew members, so I also assisted with lighting, camera operating and grip work.

MR. DJ | Electronic Press Kit - Robert Oakes

Watch the video here!

Film & Audio/LaSalle College Vancouver/nnysuuos8oq6yke49b1bv1ucuze55f20
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Film & Audio/LaSalle College Vancouver/gbz2lk9m4eqrh1n4g5kusabqe7vyafeq

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