Caleb Dyhengco

Caleb Dyhengco

Culinary & Food Service Management
LaSalle College Vancouver

North American Cuisine

Includes popular and native foods from different states and cities of America

New England's cuisin

Cuisine of New England

New England's cuisine comes from the roots of the English cuisine, where they provide lots of seafood and dairy products in their dishes

States like Pennsylv

Cuisine of the Mid-Atlantic States

States like Pennsylvania New York and New Jersey are in the Mid-Atlantic, which serves different kinds of meat including duck

The cuisine of the s

Cuisine of the South

The cuisine of the south are made up of several regions including Cajun, Creole, and Floribbean, which usually has a smoky taste in their food.

The Floribbean cuisi

Floribbean Cuisine

The Floribbean cuisine is popular for the different kinds of cooking methods they have as well as heavy fat recipes.

Cajun cuisine is ref

Cajun Creole Cuisine

Cajun cuisine is reffered to as a "rustic cuisine", which means is a very simple cuisine. They also incorporated the French, African and Spanish into their cuisine.

In the central plain

Central Plains

In the central plains, they have a lot of barbecue and smoked dishes similar to the cuisines of the south.

An American and Texa

Texas and Tex-Mex Cuisine

An American and Texan cuisine that obtain their dishes from the people of Tejano and the southern part of the United States. Tex-mex cuisine is characterized with loads of heavy cheese.

The southwest cuisin

Cuisine of the Southwest

The southwest cuisine of the United States is made up of simple recipes and a fusion with the Spanish culture. They are also known for their use of chili peppers.

The cuisine of Calif

Cuisine of California

The cuisine of California is very diverse and is influenced by Eastern Asia as well as Western European cuisines. In this cuisine it includes lots of handhelds foods as well as shellfish and seafood