When a Scholar of Horology (Time) and a Master of Communication (Graphic) combine forces they design with brains, resurrecting the dead with a combination of 8 found elements from the past to be utilised for the present. The inventors Patrick Thomas O’Neill and Donna Lee O’Neill are the animated corpses that use a combination of techniques to; burn, flange, drill, mill, tap, thread, polish, strip, heat, solder, wire, coil, bend, turn, straighten, cut, rivet, remove, burnish, bush, calibrate, wind, regulate, tune, oxidise, attach, lacquer, paint, fumigate, sand and design their utilitarian industrial objects into a new life of form and function. They, like zombies are hypnotized by objects of a bygone era and hungry for mixed and diverse artifacts that make up our material culture. These ordinary tools, instruments, utensils, devices and machines are refashioned and transformed so that they assume new and important social and cultural functions. These new functions are far removed from each object’s original use in everyday life but their impairment leads to the resurrection of new industrial furnishings. Hidden within the intricate structure of each finely wrought piece is the symbol of perfection and the timeless infinite in the form of the numeral eight.

Opened by The Hon Ph

LCI Melbourne, Commemorative Plaque

Opened by The Hon Philip Dalidakis and Claude Marchand CEO, LCI Education. 2nd May 2018

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