Australian Wool Education Trust - Student Grants

As a passionate advocate for Australia’s most noble fibre, Wool, I contacted the AWI to resource speakers on Wool education, competitions and or grants. Three outcomes for LCI were achieved. Firstly, I represented LCI on the Australian Wool Education trust board and secured a seat for LCI Melbourne to network with The Woolmark Company, AWI and RMIT, Whitehouse, UTS, OUT, TAFE SA and Curtin University. Secondly, to put LCI Melbourne on the map to receive future grants. Grants are allocated on cohort numbers and as our Fashion and Interior numbers grow, so will the allocation of grants. The aim of the grant is to educate and encourage Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion / Interior students to discover the attributes of Wool. We were successful in obtaining our 1st grant of $1500’s. This will be allocated to a final year fashion student in the 2nd semester of 2020 to assist them in the purchase of their raw material to complete their collection. The criteria being 80% of the raw material is Wool. Thirdly, I network with The Woolmark Company and AWI to organise in the 1st semester of 2020 for a Wool education seminar for fashion and interior students.