LCI Barcelona celebrates 90 years of its Fashion School Felicidad Duce

Inaugurated on May 4th, 1928, the school created by Mrs. Felicidad Duce celebrated its 90th anniversary last Friday. LCI Barcelona wanted to acknowledge its long history with a day full of activities aimed at the entire educational community (students, alumni, professors), as well as external people who wanted to know more about the center and its pioneering founder.

The pop-up exhibition "Fashion is a constant" was installed in the campus hall with looks by alumni Manuel Bolaño, Celia Vela, Mikel Colás, María Escoté, Krizia Robustella, Martínez Lierah, CarlotaOms, Juan Vidal and Daniel Rosa. Nine sets that reflect the past, present and future of the School for their technical excellence, creativity and innovation.

A testimonial video accompanied by a selection of fashion films from the latest promotions was shown most of the day. Those interested in learning more about the Feli Method could do it thanks to professors Susanna Canalda and María Costa, while at TecnoFab an open class by professor Citlali Hernández was held to learn how to apply digital technology in the fashion world.

The Ágora hosted three of the main activities of the celebration: the moulage workshop "The shadow of Balenciaga", in which the professors Miguel Elola Recondo (disciple of Cristóbal Balenciaga) and Miguel Elola Zaragueta recreated the famous evening dress launched by the Spanish designer in 1967; the Q&A "How to create your own clothing brand" with alumni Krizia Robustella, Manuel Bolaño, Ssic and Paul and Adrià Machado, moderated by alumni and professor Fran Jimenez; and the millinery master class "Trimming a hat", in which professor Nina Pawlowsky taught attendees how to give the final shape to a hat or a headdress using different elements.

In the context of the 90th anniversary, the 1st Symposium of the Fashion Area took place. Estel Vilaseca, Head of Fashion Design and founder of Itfashion, moderated the round table "Women, gender and fashion", a space for reflection on fashion and its social, cultural, economic and technological contexts. Charo Mora (Yo Dona), Leticia Blanco (El Mundo), Patrícia Soley Beltrán, Iria Pérez Gestal (Modaes) and Gabriel Torres (LCI Barcelona's Fashion Design and Projects Director) participated in the session.

The day ended with an institutional event in which the General Director, Mrs. Sílvia Viudas, and the Honorary President of Felicidad Duce and daughter of the founder, Mrs. Mercedes Freixas, paid tribute to the Fashion School with some moving words and handed the Felicidad Duce Award 2018 to Stephen Jones. In his speech, the eminent milliner was very grateful and highlighted the educational quality of LCI Barcelona, which he could see by visiting our classrooms.