New program, first of its kind in the nation: Creative Industries Management

LCI Bogotá, an institution of higher education member of the LCI Education network, has identified the need to train people as managers who have the vision to undertake or to direct the ideas of these talented creators. For that purpose, the campus announces the creation of the Creative Industries Management program, intending to encourage these talents and create a competitive environment that allows our graduates to have a market in which to position their brands and promote personal branding.

The creative industries are an area directly involved with innovation, production and distribution of goods and services of a cultural nature which are usually protected by copyright. By the numbers, in 2015 creative industries generated 2.25 trillion dollars in earnings and 29.5 million jobs around the world, a highly attractive setting for quality entrepreneurship, such as what LCI Bogotá promotes.

In September 2016 LCI Bogotá opens its program in Creative Industries Management, which according to program director Tomás Cerón has as its main goal “to train managers who have the tools to lead, control and supervise the creative process of any organization or enterprise, implementing creativity as a strategic tool to create value with innovative business models in different areas of the market.”

This is the first undergraduate program of its kind in Colombia. LCI Bogotá has designed a very competitive curriculum, thanks to its deep experience in creative industries, the years of training and the professional and academic level of its teachers, which includes the possibility of exchanges with LCI Education network centers in Montreal, Vancouver, Barcelona, Melbourne and Monterrey, among others.

“Creative Industries Management is a relatively new field of study, which moves among the arts, culture, design, business and technology, giving opportunity to businesses and entrepreneurs to transform creativity into real economic value”, states the program’s director.

“We’re very proud to launch this new program in Colombia at LCI Bogotá, a program that will give new perspectives, tools and managerial vision to the country’s creative talents,” says Paula Perotti, Vice President for Latin America of the LCI Education network.