A Foundation for the LCI Education network

The year 2017 marks a milestone for the LCI Education network and its 22 campuses. Indeed, the LCI Education Foundation, a registered charity, has taken shape after several months of tireless work. The LCI Education Foundation is a social participation program through which each of our 12,000 students across 5 continents can offer their time, talent and effort to help improve and change the world. Their ideas and initiatives are our future!

“The LCI Education Foundation is born from the network’s desire to take on a new role and raise awareness among students so that they become world citizens. It is a natural part of the network’s development plan as well as its educational and societal goals,” said Claude Marchand, CEO of the LCI Education network. The foundation’s primary mission is to promote student retention. Also, it is committed to giving back to countries, specifically where the network is present, by focusing on children’s literacy.

Thus, the funds will come from various sources such as fundraisings from student projects throughout the 22 campuses, corporate donations, contributions from members of the network, student dues and other voluntary donations. The new Director of Philanthropic Development, Sandra Parker, is at the Foundation’s helm. She has been working within the organization for nearly 15 years. She has already started setting up fundraising projects with teaching staff. She has also established relationships with major international foundations so that all parties can join forces to carry out large-scale projects. “I am very proud to be a part of this great adventure, its cause being very much in accordance with my values, and I am excited to see the projects become a reality,” Ms. Sandra Parker stated.

Would you like to get involved in the community by organizing a fundraising project or event? Are you an LCI Education network student, teacher or graduate? The LCI Education Foundation is here to enable you to grow as a world citizen. First, fill out the form so that we can contact you shortly. Thank you for your commitment and long live the LCI Education Foundation!

Visit the foundation page here!

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