LaSalle College and the LCI Education network are teaming up with Groupe Sensation Mode

LaSalle College and the LCI Education network are teaming up with Groupe Sensation Mode, an events producer recognized for the design and implementation of the Festival Mode & Design, among other achievements. In addition to strengthening the presence of this event in Montreal, the partnership will promote the sharing of expertise between the two organizations and will serve as a platform for launching new products in which Groupe Sensation Mode will capitalize on its creativity, for the benefit of its customers and partners. 

Credits: Julia Mendiburu 

“This partnership will support our business in Montreal and provide us with new growth opportunities in new markets by introducing innovative products. The power of the LCI Education network in terms of market management and development is a great source of inspiration,” emphasizes Jean-François Daviau, co-president of Groupe Sensation Mode. 

“LaSalle College is the most important fashion school in the country and has always been involved in the community, whether it be through the establishment of the Fondation de la Mode de Montréal in 1989, the co-creation with UQAM of the École supérieure de mode de Montréal in 1995, and more recently as a partner to ‘mmode’, the metropolitan cluster for fashion. For 15 years, Groupe Sensation Mode has been a leading player, helping to internationally promote Montreal as a fashion capital with unique and large-scale concepts. It was only logical that our organization provide further support to this group,” explains Claude Marchand, President and CEO of LCI Education. “Our collaborations will open the door to new business opportunities at the national and international level, drawing on event expertise and creativity in fashion and design. Groupe Sensation Mode will use its expertise to enhance the reputation of our students, our graduates, and our campuses, in the various markets we serve.” 

It should also be noted that the LCI Education network includes more than 22 campuses on 5 continents, including in Montreal, Vancouver, Barcelona and Melbourne. Groupe Sensation Mode will certainly gain from this important lever for development to bolster its international expansion. 

LaSalle College and Groupe Sensation Mode have been working together for about 15 years. “When we created the Festival 15 years ago, LaSalle College was one of the first to believe in our new event ideas to democratize fashion and design,” reveals Chantal Durivage, co-president of Groupe Sensation Mode. “Today, this vision has taken shape and is more than ever in tune with the realities of these two industries, which are now aimed directly at consumers.” 

About Groupe Sensation Mode 

For 15 years, Groupe Sensation Mode (GSM) has been producing and designing premier fashion events in Quebec, in Canada and around the world. Known for producing the largest fashion events in Canada, including Festival Mode & Design, GSM has also created unique concepts such as the Fashion Theater (on stage in Berlin, Tokyo, New York and London) and the Fashion & Opera Runway Show in Los Angeles. The group’s innovative events serve as an international showcase to highlight the creativity and talent of the designers.

Media Relations : Carl-Olivier Perras
Communications manager