The 2017 LCI Education Network Teaching Excellence Awards

For a second year, the LCI Education network would like to honor the achievements and daily involvement of its teachers who help promote high-quality teaching, a fundamental value of the LCI Education network.

The Teaching Excellence Awards is a tangible recognition of the unwavering dedication of our teachers towards academic excellence in all of its forms, both inside and outside the classrooms. This year, the Teaching Excellence Awards is granted to 16 teachers across the LCI Education network, in order to highlight their deep commitment, enthusiasm and ability to inspire their peers.

The 2017 award winners distinguished themselves in one or more of the following areas: innovative and effective teaching methods, collaborative projects between students and the industry, and other initiatives that foster students’ career preparedness.

Here are the sixteen winners of the 2017 Teaching Excellence Awards: 

  • Mélissa Grondin, Collège LaSalle | Montréal
  • Pierrick Chagnon, Collège Inter-Dec
  • Elisabetta Pietroniro, Collège Inter-Dec
  • Fouad Sefraoui, Collège LaSalle | Casablanca
  • Mounir Camouni, Collège LaSalle | Marrakech
  • Eléna Solodkova (Moukasse), Collège LaSalle | Rabat
  • Sana Redwani, Collège LaSalle | Tanger
  • Abdelmonem Manai, Collège LaSalle | Tunis
  • Ahmad Kaleia, LaSalle College | Istanbul
  • Gabriel Torres, LCI Barcelona
  • Jose Antonio Garcia Gonzalez, LCI Bogotá
  • Alexis Ocampo Del Toro, LCI Monterrey
  • Fernanda Hannah-Suarez, LaSalle College Vancouver
  • Bayu Prasetyo, LaSalle College | Jakarta
  • Natasha Fabiola, LaSalle College | Surabaya
  • Michelle Mantsio, Academy of Design Australia

Congratulations to all the winners!