Yacine Yalaoui Represents Inter-Dec College at the World Design Summit

Inter-Dec College is pleased to announce that Yacine Yalaoui, coordinator of the Interior Design School, has been nominated among the administrators of the World Design Summit, which will take place in Montréal through October 16-25, 2017. The purpose of this event, which gathers a variety of disciplines such as architecture, town planning, interior design and graphic design, is to improve the way things are seen and done for future generations. Summit organizers explain that it involves “demonstrating the formidable power of design to enable viable solutions to the world’s social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges.” Conferences, workshops, exhibitions, interactive events, tours and more will be interspersed throughout the 10 days of the Summit.

Yacine Yalaoui agreed to take part in this great adventure as an administrator. Among other things, he must get involved in international communications, where promoting the event program is concerned, as well as assist in planning activities related to Interior Design. “It’s an exciting challenge and an honor to have the opportunity to contribute to this large-scale event, which will host more than 4,500 delegates from 80 countries,” Yacine states.

Visit the World Design Summit’s website for more information or to suggest ideas that will enable a better future to be promoted through design!