Running in the Montreal Marathon to raise $1200

A member of LaSalle College Montréal raised $1200 for the LCI Education Foundation by running in the Montreal Marathon.

Mathieu Lépine, Assistant Dean, has been preparing for more than a year for his first ever half-marathon.

He decided to take advantage of his fitness training started in early 2017 to raise funds for the LCI Education Foundation.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched, where he asked for support to family, friends, and colleagues. His goal was to give a $1000 to the LCI Education Foundation after his race.

He ran the Montreal Marathon in a record time on September 23rd, and ended up reaching raising a whopping $1200!

“As a child with a modest upbringing, I always dreamed of a University education for myself. My family made great sacrifices to help me achieve that goal. I used to work as many as 30 hours per week to make ends meet and studied very hard for excellent grades.

Today, I am proud to be the first in my family with a University degree and I hold an important position in the Education field.

I am using this physical challenge as an opportunity to contribute positively to the cause of school perseverance while maintaining my motivation for a healthy lifestyle.”