Albert  Gracia Marco

Albert Gracia Marco

Diseño de Moda
LCI Barcelona

Vive la Révolution!

'SPOTTED! In the late eighteenth century, the Parisian village was rising against a tycoon, one despot ... and that Madame Deficit went straight to the guillotine booed by the plebs by 16 October 1793. ' 'Vive la Revolution' is a satiric vision of the revolutionary movements and how deep they penetrate in today’s society. For what we protest and how. The collection is divided into three main characters: Dictators, blonde unscrupulous pink lovers and money. Followers, militants of the 21st century. Addicted to Selfies and the Instagram and Youtube accounts of their leaders. Rebels, all those who do not fit the program of future posed by dictators. Aim to stand against injustice, corruption and discrimination. Pink as the main color is mixed with gray, brown and black. Plaid and houndstooth fighting with the cammo, waterproof and lace making these dictators, followers and rebels some peculiar characters.

Vive la Révolution @ Samsung EGO - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/6j8lplm9cj35inb0a3ree15gji6ofb6x
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/2j4h36el3mndonf7395tvm1kwr4ti5bx
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