• Melissa Glenane

    Melissa Glenane

    Marketing, Publicidad y Comercio Electrónico
    LaSalle College | Montréal
  • Kendal Mayers

    Kendal Mayers

    Negocios e Innovación
    LaSalle College | Montréal

Creative Mornings Analysis & Creative Pitch

In 2008, an inspired creative professional, Tina Roth Eisenberg (SwissMiss), was struck with the idea to spread her creative knowledge to the people of New York City. The idea of breakfast and an artistic social event appealed to the greater majority of the city, thus, the organization began. One friday each month Ms. Eisenberg gathered her creative folk and shared ideas over coffee and breakfast items for the brief early hours of the morning. As Creative Mornings gained more affability, the organization hosted meetings with talented creatives as spokespeople and began spreading their wealth of knowledge, creativity and breakfast goods throughout the Americas and Europe. Each month as they traveled city to city, a new theme was presented to ensure new topics of discussion would be shared. Overall, Creative Mornings has become an important amiable and sociable organization to the greater creative community.

Creative Mornings Company Analysis

In the early stages of our project, we conducted in-depth research about Creative Mornings and what value proposition differentiates them from competitors in the market. Our research enhanced the outcome of our creative pitch.

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Creative Mornings Creative Pitch

Once our research was complete, the creativity of the project started to flow and with that we dissected through all the medias available to us and chose the ones that were well suited for Creative Mornings and their target market for this campaign: the professionals of Montréal.

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Creative Mornings One Pager

This document is a summary of all the necessary information and clarification from our final presentation to Creative Mornings and Minimal Agency.

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Otros créditos

I have great appreciation for my teammate, Kendal Mayers, as well as our professor, Eric Gauderault for they have both helped bring depth and creativity to this project.