Melissa Glenane

Melissa Glenane

Marketing, Publicidad y Comercio Electrónico
LaSalle College | Montréal

Red Bull Overcharge - Strategy

Red Bull is a global company which sells energy drinks to young, active individuals who are always seeking for new adventures on a laid back daily basis. Consumers of Red Bull are interested in social gaming and leisure sports with friends, they believe that energy drinks are more enjoyable to drink to increase their energy than traditional coffee options. While acknowledging current trends, a partnership with Pokemon Go, a current online social game that is targeted to the nostalgic fans that grew up with the popular television show, would increase their profits and encourage the medium Red Bull consumers to purchase more products per week and increase a general preference in the market. Pokemon Go is divided into three teams, there will be a team a week that will be selected to hand out samples at concentrated PokeStops.

Red Bull Strategy

This document has an in-depth analysis of Red Bull, competitors as well as the strategies proposed for Red Bull to gain a higher ranking within the Sports and Energy Drink Industry.

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