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Andrea Bou

Andrea Bou

Diseño de Moda
LCI Barcelona

XF3R Collection

XF3R Collection (AW 17/18): inspired by the Higgs Boson; a particle that gives mass to other particles that interact directly with it. The way to represent this particle into garments, was by disassembling full and complete garments into individual pieces. So if looked individually, you would not understand the garment because it is incomplete, but as they interact and fuse with each other they become a complete garment. All individual pieces on this collection are compatible with one and other, making you capable of creating a lot of different looks. French knot embroidery on the upper part of the garments made with phosphorescent threads that glow in the dark.

Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/4ph8t3rn5awr2cmor2wkmkdm5bhrnr2l
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/y42fnepapuywichhx3ud08u6jrxkc5sn
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/t88h1u6lpcuagecdwx2pqq5w0c2jo5ld
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/iyw5ocr83rpb55m4fsf3n881aya8ov3j
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/yz6acptkzg3zfbchlmqxb9f0s4il7fx0
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/wyx79268fysr8tzuiiv48cjh8gudz7uh
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/3nwoim520zwee18smghvr1ov8f81qep1
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/fwxd3y09w3291t3g01gism8g5bfqneow
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/8k2dwmnibz3ypsgxaa1rq8d01rnyjvas
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/bjaelb5dmhmyg99cci517w08iwdrllx0
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/mzda5bctbcaziiuuagc7k1arc8e53mj9
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/3xnhwbupwmmsqjx1af8jjsjwcf885uwa
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/yumwu0hgz11vegp28yirnmujbht133ug
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/dh39akhhghh7ethrhvam49sta2qzmzw1
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/2819uem7ulubkjs0uaezaj63ss6jyf67
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/r733sl2ndbt1fazdqvlevu8xdpa8yg8b
Diseño de Moda/LCI Barcelona/dewhopdap9e9ml7su3y6zeusm507yfir

XF3R Fashion Film

Designer: Andrea Bou Directed by: Javier Loaiza AD: Sam Margetts MUA: Olga Gámez Model: Alena Nurgaleeva