Meagan Malone

Meagan Malone

Arte y Diseño
LCI Melbourne

Destiny Typeface

Poster and custom typeface development for Destiny Xbox One Facebook Group. A gaming group meetup in Vegas for people who play together often.

Arte y Diseño/LCI Melbourne/ctzaesc2vicwnrggpo31ze21uo16y3x1
Arte y Diseño/LCI Melbourne/h6f3x5mfxapg6inr7jsn7z708i8bq8yx
Arte y Diseño/LCI Melbourne/h1my7xy3m2xi3an2qsiqkv565nfkaez1
Arte y Diseño/LCI Melbourne/r0kt18mwky49jijqkrnf3ce761hdeell
The series of poster

The series of posters were designed to be advertising for a meet up event for an online gaming community. The event was to be held in Las Vegas and would be the first of its kind for this group.