Meow Meow - The Cat Collection

I love cats. My final collection is fully inspired by these furry fellows. I also got influenced by Salvador Dali and Tim Burton. I used colourful beads and sterling silver only. Thanks to Fedor for the amazing photos and model Stephanie.

I always remember th

Kitty catches her tail ring

I always remember these funny moments when a cat catches her tail so I had to capture that moment.

I attached a beaded

Lazy cat bracelet

I attached a beaded cat (different beading techniques) onto a beaded bracelet. My inspiration was a lazy cat.

This cat is sitting

Sitting cat ring

This cat is sitting in the grass in front of a mountain and has a long tail which wraps around the back of the finger.

I had the idea to ma

Cat paw choker

I had the idea to make a cat paw choker with all different coloured paws. The little silver kitty which hangs on a leash and a silver chain - all handmade by me - is removable and can be added in the front or back.

I always seen cameo'

Swinging cat cameo earrings

I always seen cameo's of humans but never a cat cameo. That's why I made these earrings.The cameo can be turned into different positions.

Otros créditos

Thanks to Fedor Dubiley as a photographer and Stephanie Sriranpong as a model