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Mark Blake

Mark Blake

Arte y Diseño
LCI Melbourne

VAMFF 2017 "Sketch"

“Sketch” runway explored the unique process of a designer from the conception of an idea to the completion of their collections. Comprising of three looks the series begins with the paper “sketch” of the garment as a 3D pattern which evolves into the “toile” or mock-up of the outfit, then the final design is presented as it’s meant to be seen. “Sketch” allowed this insight into the creative process of the designers which is not often seen by those who see the finished product.

Model: Melanie Kirby

Look #1 "Sketch"

Model: Melanie Kirby Photo: LAC Media

Model: Emma Hakansso

Look #2 "Toile"

Model: Emma Hakansson Photo: LAC Media

Model: Eloise Hannah

Look #3 "Final"

Model: Eloise Hannah Photo: LAC Media