Enara Agirrezabala

Enara Agirrezabala

Diseño de Producto
LCI Barcelona

Lorapots, Cultivando Relaciones

Lorapots is a set of two flower pots that allows people to communicate with each other as well as taking care of their plants or flowers together. The aim of Lorapots is to strengthen family bonds between elderly people and their relatives so as to enhance elder wellbeing (influencing positively in their self-esteem, reducing loneliness and creating social awareness). In order to achieve this, the action of watering plants becomes a new way for interacting with each other, sharing time and growing plants together. Thus, Lorapots turns into a more human, intuitive and natural communication channel and code between people that deals with elder people needs, allowing people to feel and communicate with each other through the plant and its soil. Moreover, this new manner of establishing communication overcomes the technology discrimination that most elderly people suffer nowadays (which can lead to loneliness) because of not being able to get used to or understand how new technologies that are influencing the way we build our relationships, we communicate, we live work. How does it work? Each Lorapot will contain a humidity sensor which will detect its soil's humidity. When the plant is watered (humidity change detection) it will send this information to its microprocessor which at the same time will connect using a Wi-Fi chip the second Lorapot's microprocessor so as to activate, in case of necessary (depending on the data of the humidity sensor of this second Lorapot), its pump and water the plants inside the pot. We could say that Lorapots makes cultivating plants into cultivating relationships, caring about people. Moreover, the plants inside Lorapots become the result and the essence of the relationship, the caring, the love of people sharing their growth as well as creating awareness of belonging and reminding the loved ones and thus, influence on people's wellbeing. Field: Design Research, Interaction Design, Human Center Design, Product Design

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Guión y Dirección: Enara Agirrezabala Grabación y Edición: Oskarbi Sein Actrices: Juana Erdozia y Leire Giganto

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