Raquel Celano

Raquel Celano

Diseño de Moda

LaSalle College | Montréal


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Arte y Diseño, Artes y Letras, Diseño de Interiores y Arquitectura, Diseño de Joyas, Diseño de Moda, Educación, Fotografía, Maquillaje Artístico y Profesional, Marketing y Comunicación de la Moda, Producción audiovisual

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Diseño de Moda
LaSalle College | Montréal
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13 - Melancholia

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-Development of small-scale collection and production (own business start up);
- Basic knowledge in development of mood board, prints, pattern making, and others;
- 10+ years of experience in the business management positions in several types of markets (especially South America);
- Solid background in strategy and process development, Organization Design and Human Resources;
- Boosted companies process and communication by previous experience in high level companies;
- Proficient in MS Office, Illustrator CC and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator;
Multilingual: Fluent in Portuguese and English, Intermediate Level French and Spanish;


Entrepreneur at RaquelCelano.com Jan 2016 – Until Now
Main skills: Development a brand to acquire basic experience and application of acquired knowledge.
• RaquelCelano.com, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Montreal, Quebec

Assistant MAR 2017 – SEP 2017
Main skills: development of patterns, sewing, support for designers and help in managing the studio.

Human Resources (HR) Jun 2013 – Dec 2016
Main skills: Specialist in Talent Acquisitions, Career Management, Global mobility, Compensation and Benefits and Training & Development.
• Andrade Gutierrez, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Workforce Planning and Operations Apr 2011 – Jun2013
Main skills: Responsible for the planning, delivery, training, retention and welfare of the paid staff, volunteers, and contractors necessary to stage the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and also manage the workforce of the Games on behalf of and in coordination with all the related parties.
• Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Committee, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Human Resources (HR) Sep 2008 – Apr 2011
Main skills: Management all types of HR services, compensation, planning, Payroll and Fleet processes;
• L’Oreal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


License Degree in Fashion Design (ongoing course)
Jan 2017 – Until Now
College LaSalle - Montreal (Canada)

Specialization Course - Practical and Theoretical Knowledge
Jan 2014 - Dec 2014
IED - Istituto Europeo di Design - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Master Degree in Business Management (Incompleted)
Jan 2011 – Dec 2013
Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Brazil

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration
Jan 2001 – Dec 2005
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil