Pocket Full Of Laughs

Pocket Full of Laughs is a conceptual design of book covers made into a box set. Each book was written by popular female comedians and were given titles that were related to a person’s posterior. In these books, the authors talk about problems they have faced such as male dominance, abuse, and the struggle with mental health. The direction for the design was in a comic book style to portray the authors as superheros. This was based on the narrative provided to create the idea that women can survive in a male dominated environment confidently and successfully. The outer packaging is in the shape of a pant pocket containing all three books. On the covers of each book, items in the women’s pockets are shown which all pertain to the author. On the backside of the book, the author’s face is illustrated, making it appear as though they are bending forwards looking through their legs. The books were also all given a light polka dotted pattern to give the design an additional comic book dimension.