Los Güinos

Los Guinos (The Penguins, in Spanish) is a collectable toy packaging project focused on the main idea that the packaging is just as important as the toy itself. The name Los Guinos was decided on after doing research on penguins and discovering that most penguin species live in Argentina, contrary to the belief that they come from the North Pole. Moving forward with the idea that the Los Guinos family comes from Argentina, these toys were conceptually made to be sold in the gift shop at the end of people’s venture to the penguin exhibit in Argentina. Each box’s design is specific to the penguin’s action. The penguins were all humanized by giving them jobs, Spanish names, and putting them in their job’s environment. The font choice for the boxes are very subtle in order to avoid clashing with the colourful illustration design. The colours behind their names were also hand picked for each penguin to portray their personalities. For another extra touch, to make this a learning experience for people, each box’s side has small facts for viewers to learn more about penguins with.