Current Power & Gas (or CPG) is an Ohio based energy company looking to become the most cost-efficient company in the industry. The original logo used for Current lacked the strength, willingness, and honest nature that the company wanted to showcase to their customers. From going with a very bright green colour and busy design, the re-brand became more bold and effective through its icon design and font choice. Considering the previous logo and the busy design, the new CPG’s logo was asked to be more modern, sleek and eye-catching for the average new house buyer. Although the newly designed logo is quite minimal with the simple black, white, and olive colour scheme, CPG’s logo is much more compelling now through the use of negative space in the eye of the letter “P” where a plug is hidden. The combination of two different variants of weight from the sans serif font, Futura, gives CPG’s new logo that sleek and modern feel that was asked for.